Price List

seamstress-sawing-machinePrice Guidelines for bespoke garments

The following guideline is provided to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for bespoke garments. Each price includes:

  1. Measurement and model consultation
  2. Drafting of the pattern
  3. Fabric cutting and preparation for first fitting
  4. Fitting (one or two)
  5. Production of your garment

Prices do not include cost of fabric. The prices may vary depending on the model and the fabric You could see below the minimum and maximum price

  • Jackets from   £150
  • Coats (overcoat)from  £200
  • Shirts from  £70
  • Tops from £25
  • Trousers from £68
  • Skirts from £50
  • Wedding  dresses from £600
  • Evening dresses from £200
  • Everyday dresses from £ 80
  • Men suit from £390
  • Men’s trousers from 80


Discount is available for multiple garments i.e. if you order more than one garment of the same style you save 30% on the repeat garment. For example if you order 2 pairs of trousers (the same style in different fabric), the first pair would cost you £100 + fabric and the second pair would only cost you £70 + fabric